NFC Troubleshooting


Bring Smart Card within 5cm of the back of a modern-day smartphone.

Enable NFC

Check to make sure your NFC Services are enabled on your smartphone. Try Again!


Currently, Given how restrictive Apple is with its technology, NFC requires some setup.

The Apple Problem

Apple has kept their cards very close to their chest with what they are enabling with NFC. In iOS11 they finally opened up NFC for developers to start building solutions into their apps (or utilize solutions they had already built). In further upcoming iOS updates we’re expecting they’ll keep improving the functionality. So at present, unless a customer has an app that is downloaded with an NFC reader, they cannot read NFC tags.

The Solution

The solution is to add a QR code in addition to the NFC tag so there is an “interaction” pairing that enables you to cover iPhones, Android with NFC, and Android without NFC. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know… if you open your iPhone’s camera and hold it over the QR code it will launch the information encoded on the QR code. So as a combo—NFC tag and QR code—there is no additional app needed!