Smart Business Cards

The Industries Most Powerful Networking Tool

Imagine the power to magically "ZAP" your contact information directly to an end user's cell phone instantly and have that contact saved to the phone instantly.

That would be pretty a powerful first impression right?

Stop dreaming because that technology exists today! Through the power of NFC, and emerging data transfer chip utilized currently by the credit card industries you can "Zap" any data to an end user's phone quickly and efficiently.

When set up as a business card you get increased callback rates and a powerful first impression that shows clients you utilize the latest technology the industry has to offer.

Smart Business Cards


Ideal for marketing and promotion, or for information points. Just bring the smartphone close to the point equipped with the NFC Tag to open a link, save a contact in the phonebook, or perform other automatic actions.

NFC Chip

Durable, High Quality White PVC Cards, 85 x 54 mm, round corners. Custom Printing. NTAG216 Chips have an available capacity of 888 bytes and are compatible with every NFC device, because are NDEF formatted (NFC Data Exchange Format). Secure and Waterproof.