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Eli Lough - EC  Tech Founder

Eastern Carolina Tech:

Innovation & Development Services

As a fiduciary, my duty is to the client and client growth. As a Tech Consultant, I help bring new ideas to the table with a fresh entrepreneurial mindset and an ever-growing knowledge of efficient, modern technologies and processes. My main goal is to take you to the next level of success in your business or brand and give you a competitive edge. Our strategic services meet the needs of growing businesses and deliver lasting changes. Please get in touch with us today to learn how EC-Tech can help your future success.

Tech Consultation

Expert Guidance on Tech Based Processes!

Email Campaigns

Stay in touch with your clientele!



Stay organized, Find and Process Data More Efficiently!

Website Design

Update Your Appearance, or Get a Fresh Look!

Virtual Publications

Promote Interactive Publications Online!



From Time Management to Payroll, Stay in Control!

Virtual Reality Solutions

Training Simulations, Learning Experiences, Virtual Meetings,


And more... If you have a Tech need I have a solution!