Sales opportunity

We are looking for clean, motivated part-time sales affiliates to market NFC devices in their local area (Currently Restricted to U.S.A.). Upon approval, you will receive a personalized referral code. We prompt buyers to use the code for a discount and to support our sales agents at checkout.

Benefits Include

  • NFC Marketing Package at no up-charge to get you started. Worth $435, As an approved agent you pay $4

  • 5-30% Commission based on previous experience.

  • Marketing Cheat Sheet.

We are looking for

  • Clean, Motivated and Energetic Individuals

  • Friendly, Approachable Appearance. 

  • Individuals Who Think Big and Outside the Box!

We market to fulfill large orders. We are not looking for door to door sales agents, but rather those with connections in Real Estate, Health, Security Industries, Or those with a large audience related to Tech/Marketing Etc. We Advise our Agents to Think Big and Outside the Box.