Recent Work

I have grown and experienced a lot working with my past clients. Every business owner has a different way of thinking and running their empire. It has been a treat to experience growth and success alongside all of them in their respective field. Here is some of my most recent/relevant work.   ~Eli Lough

Shallotte Electric stands as the leading electric and appliance store in southeastern NC. They have a vast inventory tailored for contractors and home improvers alike and carry all top line brands. Building their website was a good test of managing 90+ brand landing pages and subsequent data and e-catalogs.

A growing icon, "Crush" is an artist to watch the charts for. An NC native and 2-time cancer survivor, he blends a new mix of Pop, Rock, and Rap. Working on his website (particularly filming videos and photos shoots) has been a blast. We also run an ongoing R&D Campaign to find efficient and effective technologies, software, and processes.

Alley Cat Joe's is a premiere family-friendly Tattoo Shop and Lounge in Holden Beach, NC  Working on their website I have gained more experience setting up booking session features, fanbase integration, artist portfolios, and online stores. Altogether it has been super fun

to work alongside such a unique business.

Full Spectrum Design Firm is a fast-growing firm about to sweep the nation. The embodiment of "Rosie the Riveter", this female lead firm is a One-Stop-Shop for all design, renovation, and construction needs. Having an ASID Designer and General contractor means they can tackle projects from beginning to end, large or small. Working with FSDF we have designed a stunning website, e-book capabilities, several marketing campaigns, as well as creating a social media and YouTube presence, and produced many processes that went on to enhance efficiency and productivity in affected fields. We overall got them prepared to process a higher level of clientele and ready to market campaigns to much bigger clients.

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