Recent Work

I have grown and experienced a lot working with my past clients. Every business owner has a different way of thinking and running their empire. It has been a treat to experience growth and success alongside all of them in their respective field. Here is some of my most recent/relevant work.   ~Eli Lough

Shallotte Electric stands as the leading electric and appliance store in southeastern NC. They have a vast inventory tailored for contractors and home improvers alike and carry all top line brands. Building their website was a good test of managing 90+ brand landing pages and subsequent data and e-catalogs.

A growing icon, "Crush" is an artist to watch the charts for. An NC native and 2-time cancer survivor, he blends a new mix of Pop, Rock, and Rap. Working on his website (particularly filming videos and photos shoots) has been a blast. We also run an ongoing R&D Campaign to find efficient and effective technologies, software, and processes.

Alley Cat Joe's is a premiere family-friendly Tattoo Shop and Lounge in Holden Beach, NC  Working on their website I have gained more experience setting up booking session features, fanbase integration, artist portfolios, and online stores. Altogether it has been super fun

to work alongside such a unique business.

A Mystic Time-Travel Adventure, This site has a shop, and blog to cross market and sell an upcoming book Alternate Reality: The Ninth Cloud

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Image by Ibrahim Shabil
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