Real Estate Agents,

Be a Part of the Future!

Stand Out, Make Powerful Impressions, be the first to have Smart Marketing Materials! Credit Card Companies Utilize the same technology (Tap to Pay) Smart Marketing is Next! NFC is a data transfer tool and can be used in a variety of different ways to simplify everyday work life and create powerful impressions. We are working hard to provide solutions to all everyday inconveniences and improve tasks, interactions, and processes.

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A Durable PVC Plaque Replaces the Traditional Flyer Box!

A simple tap of a modern smartphone to this plaque brings up the listing via your website, replacing flyer boxes for good!   Plaques can be fitted onto existing for sale signs. They are light enough to adhere to the sign itself or the supporting post (User Preference). Waterproof, Weather resistant, can be reprogrammed remotely to accommodate new listings. Truly a One and Done Scenario. Contact us for Custom Solutions

  •  A Modern, High-Class Impression. "Like Magic"

  •  No more print/ink costs. One Plaque, One Purchase!

  •  No more refilling(or paying to refill) flyer boxes!

  •  Instant Updates, listing information can be updated instantly and remotely, without having to reprint and refill flyer boxes!

  •  Paperless, zero-waste solution!


A Waterproof, Slim Business Card Replaces Boxes of Paper Cards!

A simple tap of this card to a modern smartphone saves your Name, Number & Extensions, Email, Socials & Web links, Notes to the potential client, and other contact information. This leads to a Powerful First Impression, Higher Callback Rates, and Guaranteed "Buzz" at any Event

Cards are Waterproof, Durable, and can be used thousands of times. Contact us for Custom Solutions

  •  More Information Retained, Higher Callback Rates!

  •  Always be prepared! One Card, Thousands of Uses!

  •  A Powerful First Impression, potential clients react as if they had witnessed a magic trick!

  •  Saves contact information to potential clients phone with a quick "Tap". 

  •  Paperless, Zero Waste Solution!

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NFC Products replace single-use and paper marketing products. They are Eco Friendly, Zero Waste Products that Utilize the Future of Technology (Contactless Data Transfer), Marketable! 

Custom Solutions

As an industry professional, if you have a need, problem, or task we could improve, contact us for a rep to create a custom-fitted solution. You know Industry problems the best, Solving problems is what we do best!