NFC Buttons

NFC Buttons

Currently the minimum quantity order for this product is 500!


NFC Buttons with embedded NFC Tag, applied to clothes and accessories.

Ideal for marketing and promotion, or for information points. Just bring the smartphone closer to the point equipped with the NFC Tag to open a link, save a contact in the phonebook, or perform other automatic actions.


Washable up to 112° F. 

Compatible with all open NFC devices. Durable, High Quality


NTAG216 Chips have an available capacity of 888 bytes and are compatible with every NFC device, because are NDEF formatted (NFC Data Exchange Format). Secure and Waterproof.



  • diameter: 19 mm
  • thickness: 9 mm (5+4)
  • Disclaimer

    • We encode the chip for you!
    • You have the option to buy blank writable device. (We recomend you have a NFC/RFID Reader Writer)
    • You have the option to forgo custom printing. Item will come printed as described, Smart Business Cards will come blank. (We recommend you have the capibility to print precut ID cards)
    • Ordering this product prompts an email conversation discussing custom printing graphics, wholesale order quantity discount, and any other pertaining details, Order will be shipped upon completion.