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What is NFC Marketing?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and allows data to be transmitted at close proximity. NFC technology has been in the payment industry for a few years now, but recently, forward-looking marketers and advertising professionals are using NFC for marketing and delivering richer and more interactive customer experiences. NFC enables new ways to find, market to, bond with, and retain customers throughout the consumer journey. NFC chips can be combined with just about anything, and makes for a very creative and unique experience when using it for marketing applications.

The Power of NFC Devices

Let's say you go out to a networking event and hand out 50 business cards. Out of those 50, let's go ahead and say 1/4, roughly 12 are interested in your services. Until they need your service, your card will stay in their center console or junk drawer where later on they will dig for it and hope the paper finish wasn't destroyed over time to read the phone number.


Now let's say you arrived at the event with an NFC Business Card or NFC Button from EC-TECH. Not only do you make a powerful first impression by utilizing the latest technology (making you the buzz of the event), but your business card information gets saved directly to their phone with just a tap!

When they need your services you are already an organized, named contact on their phone! While NFC Business Cards can be used alongside normal paper ones, you only have to keep track of one card on your person. No more "let me run to my car and grab you a card." By carrying one card you are ready to market whenever and wherever you might be.


The possibilities and potential are endless and overall NFC chips enhance the customer experience, can enhance tracking data, streamlines tasks, but most importantly captures the attention of potential clientele with a powerful awe factor. 

Networking Event

Example 1

When programmed into a business card a chip can save business information directly to a potential clients phone, increasing call back rates and making for a powerful first impression.

Networking Event

Example 2

A chip could be programmed with an Office or Waiting room WiFi access and NFC Enabled devices (which includes most modern day smartphones) can connect to secured or unsecured networks, eliminating the need to share passwords.

Meetup Event

Example 3

NFC chips can be attached to product labels giving the end user more information about the product, direct links to other products or product reviews all while more accurately tracking when the product is getting to the end user.


Example 4

A NFC Desk Display can be programmed to share information about the company alongside links to product videos or the company website, and displayed at social events making your company the buzz of the event.